Power Moves

Livin’ the American Dream, USA Style

“Karl Welzein's is a tale of heartbreak, persistence, pathos—and Bold Flavors. He is a Man's Man—manlier even. A True American. A Tastemaker. His delusional optimism could be a metaphor for America. 140 characters at a time, he has gifted us with an epic unrivaled since Homer. " — Anthony Bourdain


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Karl Welzein is really looking forward to the weekend, you guys. His job is a drag, his wife is yammering about divorce papers, the kids suck at soccer, his “temporary” roommate Dave eats all of the Totino’s pizza rolls, and tickets to the Bob Seger concert in Detroit are like 150 bucks. Karl Welzein is just sick of it. All of it.

A middle-aged, Michigan native, Karl may be overweight, poorly dressed, obsessed with the bathroom, and a terrible husband, father, and friend…but in his heart he means well. He’s just like any of us—Karl’s living for the weekend, loves America, Miller Light vortex bottles, Guy Fieri, Bruce Springsteen, and looking jacked in a tight tee and Maui Jim’s sunglasses. Karl is everyman and like no other man on the planet all at once—a hilarious, obsessively readable, catch phrase-filled voice yelling out from Middle America.

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